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Boilerplate Code: The Start of the end

Mostly just a fairly quick post to point out a great page detailing a lot of the common starting points for games made with Unity. Unity3D Game Architecture from Rivello Multimedia Consulting details a lot of several common techniques that are frequently used for managing those core, boilerplate systems that every game just needs that are not already included in Unity3D itself. Personally I’ve used all of those with the exception of #6 StrangeIoC, AKA: Inversion of Control / Dependency Injection, and really they are all viable solutions. I know some of my coworkers would be looking at me like I am crazy as hell right now, as I’m sure they see me as being all about structure and ideal code, but really it’s not about the method you chose, it’s about having the discipline to write 5 lines of code instead of 1 when it will make things easier for you later on in the project and when it makes the compiled code faster to boot.

Thinking about this more, this actually reminds me of why it took me so long to get into programming professionally and why I was so scared. Back when I first started fiddling with the idea of programming and started reading into it, I had the hardest time actually reading any line of code. Keep in mind this might have been somewhere between 2000 and 2003 when I was trying, but all the examples, all the code, everything was written by people that wrote code professionally and autocomplete was not a thing. So to them typing out fully identified variable names or function names was a rarity, and honestly sucks as a noobie trying to read it and learn.