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Burning the midnight oil

So I decided it was time for a major overhaul on my website since I hadn’t changed anything since 2007.  After updating all my widgets and other modules, I decided to scrap a lot of the old stuff and rework the site almost from scratch. That is until I found this nice theme. So after setting everything up, looking for new gallery widgets, and staying up until 5:00 am cst, everything has come together nicely.

Now go on and check out the site.

Testing things out

So after picking up this iPhone at the beginning of the year and installing the WordPress app to manage my site from it, I end up waiting two months to test it out: Procrastination at its finest.

Up and running

Well it seems that I’ve gotten everything up and running decently enough to where I am somewhat satisfied. The About Me and Portfolio pages still need to be edited, however, the Photo Gallery is up and running nicely. I’ve added a calendar to the upper right that shows when posts were made and it also shows events, those are in red. If you want to see upcoming events, click the Events category to the right.

First post!

This is the first real post ever created with this new site. I hope you all enjoy the things that are to come here.